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Catering & Food Retail

We manufacture and install a wide range of catering equipment for professional kitchens, restaurants, bars, canteens, fast-food, food retail and convenience stores. Easy to use products, designed for intensive usage and for the needs of the best chefs.

Through our brands Coldkit and Dagard we have been supplying the sector for decades. Products with CE label and certified according to international standards: walk-in cold rooms, shelving, stainless steel furniture, refrigerated cabinets, bar equipment, tailor-made buffets, modular self-service elements, and other variations.

We complete our product offer with top international turnkey projects for hotels, professional kitchens and restaurants.

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From kitchen to plate, the freshness and quality of a meal is crucial to the customer experience. With a range of configurations and styles, our products preserve food at neutral, hot or cold temperatures, and allow for more meals to be served in shorter periods of time while maintaining the highest standards.
Attractive presentation, high functionality and guaranteed preservation are the advantages of trusting our Coldkit portfolio. From grab&go displays and multidecks for convenience stores, to elegant counters for coffee shops and bakeries, we work to ensure that your project live up to your expectations and your customer’s.
Professional kitchens
Productivity is key for the food service sector, along with a team’s efficiency and profitability. Designed for busy workspaces, our offering delivers versatile, hygienic and safe environments. With extensive experience partnering with prestigious hotel chains, fast-food franchises and central kitchens, we promise a differential value when it comes to food-driven solutions.

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