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Food Chain & Logistics

We carefully preserve the food value chain. From the design to the manufacture of premium insulation certified partition panels and ceilings, isothermal doors and all kind of turnkey refrigerated facilities.

Our solutions contribute to the reduction of food waste and the improvement of the production and distribution of food in excellent technical conditions. We help our customers optimize their facilities and increase productivity at their sites. Featuring extensive experience in food processing, cold storage, modern warehouses and supermarkets, from small convenient stores to wholesale.

With proven experience designing, installing and delivering a full range of services for agri-food projects through Dagard, Purever Insulation and Portiso, the European market leader for isothermal doors, Purever places itself among the top three European industrial groups in premium solution for industrial refrigeration.

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Cold Storage
Robust premium thermal insulation solutions, ready for intensive usage and large-scale areas with intense traffic of goods. Helping reduce electrical consumption and optimizing work conditions for positive and negative temperatures.
Food Processing
Extensive technical knowledge for food industry applications, including: insulation materials, refrigeration equipment and process machinery. Serving different segments, from beverages, meat, fish, vegetables to any other specific requirements and complying to worldwide standards on safety and hygiene regulations.
Food Distribution
A full range of insulated partition walls, doors, shelving, cold rooms, displays and stainless steel furniture for all type of supermarkets and convenience stores.
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  • We are living troubled times, caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, unsettling families, world economies and social life. At Purever our main priority is the health of our employees, applying all health authorities’ recommendations and always reducing contamination exposure and risks. We keep working with all availability possible to attend needs from our worldwide customers and partners. Our moto “Protecting Life” cannot be more truthful. At Purever we work daily to put our technology, knowledge and expertise to safeguard the health and well-being of people. Our products and solutions are crucial to protect from contamination both in health and industry, to ensure the conservation and distribution of food. Humanity, throughout times, has given boundless examples of overcoming diseases and countless difficulties. How hard these moments seem despairing, we will get through, All Together.