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Slaughterhouse on the Azores

Turnkey project for four new slaughterhouses

Azores Islands, Portugal / 2018

Purever Insulation developed, manufactured and installed 10,000 m² of isothermal panels (with PIR core, FM Approved and Euroclass certification Bs1d0) at four regional slaughterhouses in the Azores Islands: São Miguel, Terceira, Graciosa and Faial.

The project funded by the Portuguese government is part of a set of public works pushing for a modernization of the agrifood sector of the archipelago.

Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Slaughterhouse on the Azores
Business Unit Food Chain & Logistics
Brands Purever Insulation, Portiso
Services Consulting, Design, Manufacturing, Installation

10.000 m² isothermic panels PIR Bs1d0 FM

104 Portiso doors


Purever Industrial Solutions (Purever Insulation Team)

Location Azores Islands, Portugal

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