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Bosch Car Multimédia

Electronic mobility solutions for cars

Braga, Portugal / 2019

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal produces a wide-ranging portfolio of electronic products, mainly navigation systems and car radios for the automotive industry. Production Areas are divided to produce multimedia equipment for different car brands and models. Purever Tech has been delivering 4 production areas since 2016. BOSCH IV is the last one for now, and has been concluded in 2019.

The plant was built of Bs2d0 PUR panels covered by lacquered sheet metal for walls and ceilings, flush hinged doors and windows and was provided with a double ceiling. The first ceiling is walkable and made of 60mm panels integrating FFUs connected to the HVAC sytems that guarantee ISO 5 cleanroom classification. The second ceiling is made of 40 mm panels and is not walkable.

In the cleanrooms were also installed several automatic doors, sliding and high speed for easy accesses and equipped with Interlocks and Interlock Management Systems.

Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Bosch Car Multimédia
Business Unit Smart Industries
Brands Purever Tech
Area 260 m²
Services Technical consulting during project stage, Production and procurement of the validated solution, Installation management and supervision, On-site assembly of materials, Final layout documentation

GMP Cleanroom Panels [SL+SB+SBT] – Bs2d0

Doors SL060 and Windows SL060

Automatic High Speed Doors


Purever Industrial Solutions (Purever Tech Team)



Location Braga, Portugal

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