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Chocolatier Rochoux

Chocolate as an art form

St. Denis, France / 2018

Jean-Charles Rochoux, Parisian chocolatier, can be both considered an artist and a craftsman. He creates the shapes of his chocolates himself. Throughout the year, his clients come from all the world to taste his caramelized Iranian pistachio chocolates, his Piedmont hazelnut bar, the Grasse rose bar, or his Saturday bar.

Dagard was commissioned to create the kitchen spaces to give the adequate surroundings for the creation of his chocolate wonders.

Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Chocolatier Rochoux
Business Unit Catering & Food Retail
Brands Dagard

360 m² LA partition panels

7 doors


Dagard Boussac

Labo Conseil

Location St. Denis, France

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