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Domaco Natural High Tech

Manufacturer and distributor of food products nutraceutical products

Lengnau, Switzerland / 2017

Domaco is a Swiss manufacturer and distributor of food products and pharmaceuticals under different brands, such as Vitalp drinks, XL Energy, Dr. Doolittle's, Tiki Drink, Belart Confisseur, etc.

They are experts in designing individual products, production and packaging of instant products, pastilles and tablets. Products are made with pure and natural ingredients and processed using advanced technologies of their own development while conserving natural ingredients.
Domaco is an innovative and experienced manufacturer, who knows how to select the right galenic form in their fully-certified GMP production plant.

Domaco Natural High Tech
Domaco Natural High Tech
Domaco Natural High Tech
Domaco Natural High Tech
Domaco Natural High Tech
Domaco Natural High Tech
Business Unit Life Science & Health
Brands Dagard

298 m² Wall Partitions (SM60 & SI60)

200 m² Glass Partitions (SI60)

669 m² Ceiling Panels (SI60)

7 Service Doors



Location Lengnau, Switzerland

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