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Lisboa Sud

Elegance and durability for a new gastronomic venue

Lisbon, Portugal / 2017

Coldkit was in charge of supplying the storage equipment and organization solutions for the 240 guests of the outdoor restaurant Lisboa Sud Terrace and the 1000 guests of their event venue, Lisboa Sud Hall.

For this, Coldkit’s specialized technical team designed and manufactured customized equipment based on the needs and characteristics of both spaces. The development and installation of the project were carried out simultaneously on the Lisboa Sud Terrace and Hall.

Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Lisboa Sud
Business Unit Catering & Food Retail
Brands Coldkit
Area Over 2.000 m²

Matrix Cold Rooms

Coolblok Modular Shelving


Stainless Steel Bespoke Equipment

Dubhe Refrigerated Cabinets

Mizar Refrigerated Counters and Neutral Counters


Purever Catering Equipment

Purever Industrial Solutions

Location Lisbon, Portugal

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